May 21 2016 Fishing Rodeo Results

 0-6 Years

Most Fish 22-Grady Mense

Biggest Fish 17.5 Inches Derek Schatte

Smallest Fish 3 5/8 Inches Finn Mense

7-10 Years

Most Fish 25 Brody Mense

Biggest Fish 18 Inches Alexis Crowe

Smallest Fish 3.5 Inches Carter Drysdale

11-15 Years

Most Fish 25 Jeremy Weber

Biggest Fish 17 Inches River Wisely

Smallest Fish 3 5/8 Inch Samantha Matchett



Welcome to the new Freeburg Sportsman’s club website.  We apologize about the mess until we finish building the site.  The Bow shoot results will be up shortly.  You will be able to find the results under the menu at the top.  Thanks!